With the books I publish with my own small press I want to inspire thinkers and dissidents to break through an increasingly narrow public discourse, spread the seeds of decisive resistance against the destruction of our planet and encourage the revolutionary fight for justice and radical social change.

All of my books can be ordered in any bookstore via ISBN.

A collection of essays by writer and organizer Max Wilbert

Table of contents:
A Manifesto for a World in Crisis
Intro: We Choose to Speak
The Everyday Violence of Modern Culture
Is the School System Redeemable? No
46% of Forests Have Been Destroyed by Civilization… and Counting
Conservatism in Science
Falling in Love
Utah — The Next Energy Colony
Lost in Pocatello
I Write What I Like
Cliff Mass, Scientific Lies, and the New Climate Deniers
15 Points on Organizing
The Importance of Skills and Equipment for Resistance Movements
The Modern COINTELPRO and How To Fight It
Fighting Sexual Objectification is not Exclusionary
What do we do when mass movements fail?Is The Climate Movement Making Progress?
Blue Angels: The Naked Face of Empire
“Our Children’s Trust” and The Promise of the Court System
Time is Short: Towards a Revolution
Ecological Special Forces: A Proposal
Resource Extraction and Revolutionary Unity
Practicing Lawbreaking
Join the Resistance: Choose Adventure
A Prayer and a Promise
Appendix: Decisive Ecological Warfare

ISBN: 9783752850406
220 pages

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
Ernest Hemingway

A collection of essays by Boris Wu

Table of contents:
The Megamachine as a Form of social Organization
Call me Crazy: Babylon Apocalypse
Soft Power
Letter to my middle class Friends
Preserve and protect remaining untouched Wilderness
Political Education for the Poor – an Advocacy for a new political Awareness
Political Education 101
The Wisdom of the Toads

ISBN: 9783750420342
99 pages

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Thought to Exist in the Wild

A collection of essays by Derrick Jensen

Table of contents:
Preface: How and Why?
Intro: Loaded Words
Free Will
Not In My Name
Forget Shorter Showers
Sustainable Development is a Lie
Democracy of Destruction
Culture of Plunder
To Protect and Serve
The Age of the Sociopath
The Man Box and the Cult of Masculinity
Calling All Fanatics
Against Forgetting
Thought To Exist In the Wild
Self-Evident Truths
Is the World a Better Place Because You Were Born?
When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery

ISBN: 9783752857948
150 pages

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Thought to Exist in the Wild

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg

By Cory Morningstar
ISBN: 9783749464753
207 pages

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The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg